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Marketing in Messaging Apps Will Level-Up

Marketing in Messaging Apps Will Level-Up

Messaging apps are making it easier for brands to exchange instant messages with their customers. Available across many platforms they often use chatbot technology to conduct automated conversations. However, they are also being used for many different roles from conversations to taking payments. For many brands, messaging apps are preferred to social media platforms.

This leaves an opening for businesses to connect with their customers through a new channel. So why are they so popular and starting to outsmart social media platforms? Because they are more business and marketing friendly. However, there is more to it than that.

Younger Demographics Love Them

Message apps are favored by younger demographics who want to reach out to brands. Because of this, the common ads found in social media feeds, are making a transition to messaging apps. Since it is relatively new, now is the time to add message advertising to your marketing strategy.

How to Approach Messaging Marketing

A good rule of thumb is to look to your email marketing experience to provide a solid base for new message advertising efforts. Since people are email weary, their effectiveness is on the decline. However, the same tactics used in email marketing are working in message marketing. You can leverage the tactics no longer working for email and repurpose them for message advertising. Use your old email campaigns that used to help find new leads and nurture them.

Your message advertising uses personalized, relevant content, just in a more interactive way. You answer questions to help find new leads and convert them into customers. Your own chatbot helps improve initial communication so your sales team only deals with qualified leads.

One on One Conversations 

Unlike email marketing where the response to your emails is not encouraged, message marketing allows you to carry on conversations. It combines the personalization of emails with the ability to have one on one conversations. As a customizable tool, it uses a chatbot to help you carry on conversations to help nurture relationships. Using a series of progressive links, you engage in conversation, often with the chatbot handling everything without the need for a customer service intervention.

As long as your customer or lead gets the answer they want, they are happy. When the time comes for a live person to intervene, they always have the option to click a link to speak to a rep. Or the chatbot can determine it’s time to move to a live person based on the progression of the conversation.

Push and Pull Model

Unlike email that focuses on pushing content, you can also use a pull method thanks to customized content abilities. When they have something they need, customers can find relevant content through messaging apps. This keeps the user in control, so they can keep seeking information or end the conversation. Your business becomes more trusted as you are focused only on their needs without aggressive sales tactics.

Marketing in messaging apps allows you to combine ads with messaging perfectly designed to nurture and inform as needed. It might start with an ad, but once tapped, you choose if you want to engage in conversation, or send them to a landing page. The beauty of it is all is that message advertising keeps you in control even though the user feels they are in the driver’s seat.


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