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Customer Communication

Inbox Messaging offers local businesses an SMS messaging platform so you can communicate in the way your customers want, from a centralized place in your client app for team collaboration.

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Appointment Booking

Meeting Scheduler is a free feature in Business App! You can set up booking links, sync meetings with Google Calendar, set availability, and more. It allows your business and customers to find times that work for both of you, removing much of the tedium of booking meetings, all within the app.

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With the Konectd Marketplace, you can browse through over 200 apps that will help you serve your business better. With products ranging from digital marketing to QuickBooks bookkeeping, you can access a wide variety of solutions that meet your business needs, all from the Business App portal.

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3rd-Party Connections

3rd-party connections offered in Business App allow you to easily show value and proof-of-performance by bringing everything into one app. We offer connections to a growing list of Partners, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, and more.

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Automated Reporting

Proof-of-performance automated reporting, all within Business App. Showing you what is winning across multiple areas has never been so easy. Have automated email notifications go out to you when the Executive Report is ready to view.

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Serving More Than One Location

Businesses with more than one business location? No problem! We have a multi-location Business App that rolls up data from each individual location into a top-level view. Easily compare location performance to see which are winning and which need more attention.

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