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Understanding how your business stands on the internet is how your customers are able to find you. Knowing how your presence is currently, gives you the power to better your business digitally.

The snapshot report will give you a front-row seat to how you look online. We will be able to give you ratings and recommendations for areas where you need to improve. With this tool, you can use us as your marketing source for those needed improvements.

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Know what you get before you make the investment. Going in on your business is important and with the huge shift to digital in the last year, it is good to have a grasp on where you are at. Here is what comes in your Snapshot Report:

Business Listings


Social Media


Digital Advertising

Search Engine Optimization

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Detailed analysis by marketing channel

Get a report card of your business’s performance across a variety of channels, including social media, website, and advertising.

Performance metrics and grades enable you to concentrate on gaps in marketing.


Industry benchmarks you can’t ignore

Industry averages give you meaningful context into marketing performance and targets you can’t ignore.


Competitive Intelligence

Get a breakdown of how you compare to direct competitors when it comes to reviews and listings.

This can give your business a deeper understanding of how you rank online.


Drive Hot Leads to your Sales Team

Knowing your digital presence gives you the upper hand to be the best in your industry. Once you know your presence and are making improvements, Leads for you and your sales team will start to pour in.

What are you waiting for?

Understanding where your business is digitally can be a scary task and all you hear is it costs a large sum of money! Start knowing where your business is today for a small fee of $9.99 to know where the work is needed!

Order your report today and let us do the heavy lifting on how you are doing and how you compare to your competitors.