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You Are Leaving Money on the Table

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You Are Leaving Money on the Table

Have you ever walked up to someone you don’t know and asked them to marry you? And did they say yes? Most likely not (I know there may be that 1/100th% chance it did work), but we know there is a motive behind it. Selling is in a way, quick similar, one person has money, the other has goods. Creating that marriage involves both sales and marketing.

Now thinking this way can change how you approach cold calling, cold meeting, and online selling. Bringing value to these types of meetings or interactions will work in a long term strategy, meaning you will have loyal customers and long term revenue. What does this mean for you? Let’s take an online strategy approach to really understand the difference.

  • “Quick Buck” Strategy (wrong) – Provide lower pricing (that is always negotiable) to make the quick dollar and provide just enough to give them something. Usually, in this strategy, people are looking for quantity, not the quality which will put money in the bank, but the dropoff on residual is extremely high.


  • “Long Term” Strategy (right) – Come into the first meeting having done research and bring value to them. The first question I always like to ask is “What is your biggest struggle?” It can be something that has no relation to what I want to talk with them about. But, I may know someone that could help them with that problem and the instant credibility you build is HUGE! From there, they are advocates of you and more importantly your brand for life.


Something to take into consideration as well is, on average it will take 7 interactions with a person/company to make a sale. Keeping that in mind, make sure you have a touch base plan or in the online world, a remarketing plan. Having your potential clients continuously reminded of you is critical to capture their business.


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