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KC Graner
KC Graner
Chief Officer, Americanfarminputs LLC

Americanfarminputs LLC was extremely pleased with our website construction and continued maintenance. Easy to work with, quick response times for service requests, and Konectd brought us some unique ideas as we formed our venture.

Steve & Jackie Rasmusson
Steve & Jackie Rasmusson
Sponsors of the Tim Rasmusson Foundation

Konected’s work on the Tim Rasmusson Foundation’s website vastly improved its accessibility and navigation. By thorough communication, they captured the essence of our nonprofit's theme – keeping the projected image true to our cause. We have experienced a significant increase in website activity, as well as positive feedback regarding the ease of event registration processes, and product ordering.

Laura Hedrick
Laura Hedrick

As another owner of a business that works in the realm of the digital world like konectd, I am incredibly impressed with their knowledge and drive to expand their knowledge in learning new ways to improve ROI for their clients. Kevin is extremely good at what he does and seems to have been born to work with people and is a natural when it comes to strategy and marketing. Love working with them and will continue to do so for the best services for my clients.

Bryan Ehni
Bryan Ehni
Founder, Ehni Enterprises

Konectd provides needed expertise and awareness of marketing opportunities for small businesses like mine. Konectd helped identify areas outside of our original objectives and helped establish a plan where we could market our business to see the greatest impact. I appreciate the expertise that Konectd brings and will continue to work with them in the future.