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Why Should I Advertise Online?

Why Should I Advertise Online?

Small business advertising can seem costly and difficult to tackle. However, you’ll find exceptional value in online advertising. While all the hubbub over-analysis, keywords, and bidding gets confusing, the benefits of nailing an online advertising campaign make it well worth the investment to advertise online.   

Highly Targeted Audiences

There are no broad strokes in online advertising unless you want them for some reason. Instead, you can drill down to the most specific audiences and adjust your small business advertising to resonate with their needs. You solve specific problems and present specific reasons your brand is right for a specific group. By doing so it also doesn’t cost you more money as you are paying per click, or through bids for keywords. This makes it easier to reach the people who will be most likely to respond positively.

Diversifying Your Marketing Strategy 

While we have no way of knowing what your current small business advertising strategy looks like, the rule of thumb for success is to diversify your marketing tactics. You need to find the best way to reach your target audience while spending as little money as possible. As mentioned, one of the most targeted advertising methods available just happens to be online advertising.


You can use a number of channels to promote your business using highly targeted personas and ads directed at their personal needs. You choose the channels that suit your needs whether it’s Facebook ads, Google Ads, or YouTube ads, and combine them with other methods you are using such as outdoor ads, transit, your website, print, etc.

Flexibility Keeps Things Cost-Effective

Right out the gate, online advertising provides further reach but costs far less than traditional messages. Because you can track the effectiveness of online advertising in real-time, you have the opportunity to put your money where you see you are succeeding. Because most online advertising opportunities are self-managed, you are in the drivers’ seat and can adjust continuously to improve results.

You are not only leveraging a highly cost-effective tool, to begin with but then also have access to results so you can measure and compare to make decisions based on numbers, not intuition. This flexibility ties in with your ability to reach any audience, anywhere in the world as well. You are limitless in how you use the tool to your advantage. Access to metrics keeps you on top of your strategy.

24/7 Contact

People have different habits, travel different routes to and from work, and basically can make it difficult to reach them through traditional advertising. Online advertising on the other hand is there when your audience is active, keeping your ads available 24/7 for viewing. Considering the hectic lives people lead and their unnatural attachment to their devices, you can be there whenever they decide it’s time to scroll through their favorite platforms.  


While all of these points make a valid argument, you might still be avoiding digital marketing because it just seems too difficult. The good news is, we can show you how to properly get your business to your customers. Speak to our team today.

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