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Video is No Longer an Option

Video is No Longer an Option

It used to be companies had a bit of wiggle room to decide whether or not they wanted to include video marketing in their strategy. However, that train has left the station. Today you can’t survive on text-based content alone. The undeniable power of video has made it the marketing tool of choice, not only for savvy companies looking to raise their digital marketing bar but also for the targets they are trying to reach. With people watching more videos than ever before, if you want to improve conversions and get better ROI, video is the way to go.

Explainer Videos Work

When it comes to educating and informing your target audience, the visual impact of well-executed video design is unbeatable. A Wyzowl study found a whopping 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Since outright selling is not something any target wants to see, using educational video in your advertising efforts offers valuable information that customers can actually use. It sets you up as an industry expert while also letting people experience your product or service the way it is intended to be used (or worn). Better yet, instructional videos are series worthy, allowing you to encourage people to subscribe to your channels.

Video Improves Search Engine Optimization 

Search engines view video as high-quality content. If you want to improve SEO, video helps add variety to content that keeps your content and advertising dollars working harder for you. By using video and optimizing them with keywords, meta descriptions, and enticing titles, you can really boost your rankings.

Great Marketing ROI

When you have to prove your digital marketing efforts are working, it helps to show exceptional ROI. Some very persuasive statistics according to Wyzowl includes between 80 to 95% of marketers saying video:

  • Increased website traffic
  • Helped increase the time spent on the page
  • Increased user understanding of products or services
  • Helped generate leads
  • Directly helped increase sales

As well, 43% said video reduced the number of support calls received. That makes leery executives far less suspicious about using video design as part of your advertising spend.

Video Keeps You Competitive

If a competitor jumped off a mountain you probably wouldn’t follow. However, if your competitors latch onto marketing gold, following suit is a must. Wyzowl reports 99% of current video marketers will continue to use video and 95% plan to either increase or maintain their spending. Therefore, you stand a good chance of losing out to their video efforts. And remember you don’t just have to do explainer videos. If that doesn’t make sense for your product or service, go the lifestyle, or problem-solving route. Tell stories about client experiences, how you make your products, or how you are committed to fair trade. Storytelling does not have to be how to in spirit. Instead, it just needs to entertain and engage in a unique way with intriguing visuals that help sell your brand.

Boosting Conversions and Generating Leads

Competition aside, Wyzowl reports 84% of people say watching brand videos helped them decide to buy a product or service. As well, 74% say they’ve bought or downloaded software or an app thanks to video. That translates into growth for your business.

While you might have thought of video as just one of many marketing options in the past, today video is a must.

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