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Email is Getting More Personalized

Email is Getting More Personalized

Personalization has raised customer expectations for how brands communicate with them. Generic information no longer cuts it. Instead, your customers want you to show them how well you know them and how you are better able to meet their needs. Email marketing personalization allows you to send the most relevant messages to your customers, so they are more likely to respond in a positive way. 

When your email campaigns target the individual instead of the masses, your communication becomes more meaningful. In order to meet customer expectations, you must show them how well you know them and are the brand that can meet their needs.

How to Use Personalization to Improve Email Campaigns

Exceptional personalization improves your email campaigns using two important tactics:

  1. Relevancy: First, you use relevant information to help break through a jam-packed inbox. With personalized subject lines, you attract your subscriber’s or customers’ attention with an immediate message that makes your email worth opening. You then carry through with your promise of relevancy with highly personalized content.
  2. Timeliness: Next, with data collection, you know where each customer sits in their customer journey. Are they new customers or repeat customers? This allows you to send them topics and information that help move them down the sales funnel or encourage ongoing purchases. Therefore you need to meet them where they are right now, and then help ease them towards the next step of becoming a repeat customer, or becoming brand loyal.

When you nail these two aspects of personalization, the rest will follow.

Subject Line Gold

Since you have to stand out from what is usually a very packed inbox, your subject line becomes very important. First, consider using the recipient’s name in the subject line. Something that says: Amanda, we’ve got your offers, stands out more than something that says: Read these offers. However, using past behavior to target their needs is always the best way to create effective subject lines.

Email Content with Value

Once you get someone to click the email, you’re more than halfway there. However, now is where you need to hit that message home. Some effective tactics include:

  • Location: Using familiar locations in images based on where someone lives is a perfect example of personalization.
  • Product: Images of size and sex appropriate clothing, or referring to past purchases to send their favorite colors focuses on product personalization.
  • Sales Journey: Content is also based on their sales journey. Showing products in abandoned carts to remind people they have an order waiting meets them at the perfect spot on their sales journey.
  • Upselling or cross-selling: If someone has made recent purchases show them complementary products such as a purse or shoes to match a new coat.
  • Social Media: Maybe you know they’ve been following you on a certain social media page. Tie in content with their social media habits.
  • Past Content Views: If someone recently watched an explainer video, you can send a link to download an instruction sheet, or provide some FAQs based on the content of the video.

The more personalized the content, the better you are at meeting their needs. Whether you are looking for customer acquisitions or want to encourage brand loyalty, personalized email marketing shows your audience you know what they want.


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