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Are You Tracking Your Traffic on Your Website?

Are You Tracking Your Traffic on Your Website?

Many small businesses are content to build a website with the view that if they build it, they will come. However, knowing that pretty much every company has a website, the competition is stiff. While a website is a step in the right direction, if you don’t continue to contribute new content and aren’t tracking traffic, you really aren’t using your website to any positive ends. Your website traffic offers valuable insight, making tracking the best way to improve your website’s success.

Google Analytics and Your Data

Google Analytics and other analytics offered by website platforms such as Wix, Facebook Pixel and WordPress provide the traffic data you need to track your website traffic. Without reviewing Google analytics you won’t have a clear understanding of your advertising success. You also won’t have a clue on how to leverage your customers’ journeys. You won’t know what pages are visited the most often, and how long people stay on a page once they arrive. These little clues provide details that help you see where content is failing, where it is succeeding, what customers want and where you aren’t encouraging visitors to take the actions you expect. Armed with this information you can take action to improve website performance and improve your visitors’ experience when they arrive.

Follow Customer Visits

Do you know what visitors do on your site? Are you using landing pages or simply depending on service pages to convert? Do you even know what pages new customers came from that led to that conversion? These are important questions with revealing answers. Tracking your website traffic provides insight that will help you create buyer profiles and understand where you are losing potential customers. You can also see how often carts are abandoned and come up with strategies to bring those customers back to complete transactions. You can also create personas based on behavior. This allows you to become more predictive so the information you show people better meet their needs to improve conversion rates.

Identify Successful Online Ads

By tracking where people come from, you can identify the online ads that are driving traffic. You can then determine which ones lead to conversions and which ones don’t. Together this information allows you to ramp up your advertising through the most effective channels and create more effective landing pages to make visitors take the action you desire.

Spotting Errors

If you aren’t tracking traffic you won’t know when there are errors on your website. There are dozens of issues that can keep people from visiting your site, or stop search engines from finding you. Errors like duplicate URLs and tags, web spam, and broken URLs/404 errors or even slow page loads impact site performance and traffic volume. Sudden drops in traffic happen for a reason. When you know what causes them you can correct them and boost website traffic. As well, if you use Google analytics you will receive notice when something is wrong and know where to look.


When you understand how your website performs, you become more effective at marketing strategy. Let us take a look at your audience to help you meet your marketing goals.

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