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Is SEO Worth It?

Is SEO Worth It?

It’s not uncommon for small businesses to question their marketing investment decisions. While many view content as the be-all and end-all of online marketing, others find themselves asking “Is SEO worth it?” Search Engine Optimization is far from dead, and in fact, is one of the most important marketing strategies you can embrace. Without it, you remain unseen while your competitors continue to reap the rewards of their SEO efforts. Here’s why SEO is worth it, but also why SEO needs a strategy to succeed.

Proper Keywords Reach the Proper Audience 

SEO is designed to improve your online visibility. However, when you become too generalized in your choice of keywords, your competition increases, and you fail to reach the right target audience. So while SEO is important, it doesn’t work without a strong strategy behind it. SEO takes research to improve your rankings, but even more important is that you’ve got to consider how your audience searches so you can zero in on valuable clicks more likely to lead to conversions. While a basic SEO approach gets traffic growth, a strategic SEO approach gets conversions.

Understanding Google

Google’s goal is to match the best content to a user’s query. The broader the query, the more results Google has to scan. The more specific the query, the fewer choices Google will find. With all the algorithms Google uses to find ranking websites, it can be a real challenge to see your SEO efforts get results. So, as mentioned above it’s all about understanding your target, your product, and what keywords will meet their query. If you sell ice cream, one of the easiest ways to improve your results is to include your location. The better you are at using tools such as Google My Business, the more effective your SEO strategy can become using local business strategies.


Another approach is including unique phrases that might suit your ice cream shop. While local SEO helps improve your odds for people near you, you are still up against some competition. But if you can pinpoint possible phrases your ideal customer might use, such as gourmet ice cream, handmade ice cream, sundaes, ice cream birthday cakes, etc. you have a better chance of reducing competition while finding someone who wants ice cream now.

Understanding User Intent

Quality SEO uses keywords to leverage user intent. So where a general query like ice cream might be someone interested in what’s available, they probably aren’t in their car ready to buy a cone. However, someone who might add “near me” or their town, is more likely to drive to your shop. The problem here is it can be difficult to determine what specific keyword phrases you want to use to help capture the people with intent to buy now or soonish.

The Importance of SEO Strategists


While many SEO companies can improve your ranking, they lack the skills and insight to create conversions. It is worth the investment to find an SEO strategist who can avoid Google penalties, understands your company, and provides the strategy required to identify the right keyword phrases that will attract the audience ready to convert. Let us get your site on the first page of Google with the right customers!

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